I present: Pastaglück - Pasta salad in a glass - with book presentations and raffle!

I've been holding my new book in my hands since this afternoon: Pastagluck - pasta salad in a jar is here! And it's always exciting again. When the first preview copies arrive from the printer and you wonder how the finished book will look like. Is the paper stable? Does the cover shine well? And what do the photos look like?

Pastaglück is my third book and actually now my dearest. You somehow grow up with your tasks and what I might not have liked before, I could improve and optimize over time.

The recipe development has just made a lot of fun, I have supplied whole teams with pasta salads and everyone agreed: Top idea! A pure book only about delicious pasta salads in the glass, there was simply not. And who does not like pasta salads?

The book should be an inspiration and inspiration. For lunch in the office, a quick lunch at the university or a picnic in the park. It is an aid to simple and sophisticated ideas and shows how varied such a pasta salad can be.

As always you are in demand - swapping ingredients, Try new pasta ideas like rice noodles or stuffed pasta and have fun! We definitely had fun creating the book and now I hope you like it as much as I do. In addition, it is really a great, colorful and colorful gift idea for dear people who like to cook and eat.

The photos are again incredibly beautiful, modern, hip, stylish and just great. Maria has given everything back as in the two books before and you can get ready for a feast for the eyes!

Pastaglück - Available Now!

The book will be available regularly from bookshops at the beginning of next week and of course also at Amazon: Pastaglück - Pasta Salad in Glass *.

In addition, in the coming weeks you will have the opportunity to personally receive the book twice from me!

28.Here you can buy and sign books directly from me, try pasta salad from my book from the cooking school in the Medienhafen and just chat with me. I'm looking forward to your visit - and bringing beautiful weather!

Flying Fawn Invitation

18th September 2016 - Flying Fawn Cologne

The Pastaglück-reading in the Flying Fawn on Sunday, 18 September, says: good food, good mood and great conversations!

For the closed event, you can now buy a ticket directly from the shop on Aachener Straße 27 in Cologne or send it by e-mail to hello@flying-fawn.com Order . The ticket price of 18 € includes samples, drinks, a goodie bag and of course a copy of the book! Make sure you get a ticket quickly, because the seats are limited!

I chat on the day, tell you my favorite recipes from the book, tell you something about the genesis and be available for all your questions. We also expect some delicious samples from the book, a glass of sparkling wine, nice conversations and I like to sign you your copy or additional books that you want to give away.

Let's just have a nice afternoon! I'm looking forward to your participation! You can find more information in the Facebook event for the Pastaglück reading and at the girls and boys in the Flying Fawn, where a great flyer is also available!

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