Strawberry donuts with brown butter and strawberry cream cheese glaze for #doughnutday

Today is official #doughnutday or #donutday. Without Zorra this information would have remained hidden to me, but every first Friday in June this day is celebrated. I can not miss that, so today I brought you the recipe for strawberry donuts with brown butter and strawberry cream cheese icing . Incidentally, I'm not alone today, there are many more donut fans - at the end of the post I link all the other articles from bloggers to #doughnutday !

Donuts are like that one thing. I love to eat them, but I hate frying at home. All those wonderful recipes of fat pastry ... But not in my kitchen. First, because I am so awkward and mostly burned with hot oil. And second, because I just do not like the smell and do not want to have in my apartment! How good that donuts can be prepared differently, that is quickly and easily in the oven.

For oven preparation, I bought a handy donut mold from Wilton *. The sheet is non-stick coated, super easy to clean and you get a great shape of the donuts. There is a simple trick for filling the donut mold: the dough is simply filled into a piping bag or freezer bag and then injected into the mold. This is super clean and leads to a perfect result.

For the preparation of the strawberry donuts you need no special accessories, no food processor and not even a hand mixer! The ingredients are stirred only briefly by hand, which makes the preparation very easy and super fast.

The glaze is rather fluid and does not harden completely. That's why the donuts should be eaten pretty quickly. I double dip it into the glaze to cover it as well as possible.Grease a donut tin with soft butter.


Place the butter in a small saucepan and heat at medium temperature until lightly browned and smells nutty. Then turn it off.


Dice the strawberries


Mix flour, sugar, baking soda and salt well in a large bowl.


Whisk milk, eggs and melted brown butter in a separate bowl.


Pour the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir briefly with a large whisk. Finally, fold in the diced strawberries.


Pour the dough into a piping bag or freezer bag and cut off the top. Evenly pour the dough into the donut mold using the piping bag. The dough should be about as high as the mold itself is filled, as it still bakes when baking.


Put the tin in the oven and bake the donuts for about 20 minutes until they have risen and baked golden brown. Allow the plate to cool on a wire rack, then gently lift the donuts out of the mold and let cool on a wire rack.


Meanwhile prepare the glaze. Finely crush the strawberries with a fork. Stir cream cheese and butter until smooth. Mix in the crushed strawberries and finally add icing sugar until a smooth, not too firm consistency is reached. In addition, press the mixture through a fine sieve. Dip cooled donuts with the top into the glaze, then drain. Once the glaze has dried slightly, dip it a second time in the glaze. Get feasted, then serve and, if possible, enjoy the same day.

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