Apple and caramel jam without preserving sugar

While I'm writing the post here, I'm pushing a piece of this incredibly delicious pumpkin waffle from the last post into my mouth. I had some frozen and in the afternoon Süßjieper, it occurred to me again. So I quickly grabbed the freezer and toasted the waffles in the toaster. They are still super juicy and crunchy on the outside and also taste great with vanilla ice cream. This as an addendum - if you have not baked it yet, it's really high time!

It's about time for my next recipe: the apples are ripe, from the region and should now be processed. That's why today I have an incredibly delicious apple and caramel jam in my luggage. I tried them four years ago, then forgot to log in and lost sight of them. Until I remembered when I wanted to process some nice Elstar apples from the farmers. This is a marmalade of the "jam goddess" Christine Ferber from her book The Marmalade Bible *. Four years ago, Tina from We love Pasta was already on it and was thrilled. It only took me too long to do that at the time. Just cutting the apples by hand takes an hour. Then the constant long waiting times. Do I really have to start the day before?

Recipe for apple-caramel-jam without meringue sugar from

The good news: It works faster than in the original recipe! And it works just as well. If you've been too lazy so far, there's no excuse now. Instead of cutting the apples into tiny pencils by hand, I simply rubbed them on the coarse side of a square grater. In the pot, I thought later that it would not have worked. The mixture looked suspiciously like applesauce. However, the longer I stirred and the longer the jam cooked, the better it became. Just be patient and stand by the pot for a few minutes.

I was also able to successfully shorten the long waiting time for maceration. Of course I can not promise that works with every apple variety. However, I had no problem with Elstar at all. The special thing about this jam is that it works without gelling sugar or other gelling agent. Apples naturally contain plenty of pectin. The bad news: Without waiting it does not work, the apples have to go through something for the process. However, this is also much faster than the original recipe and you will be through in a few hours. In between the time you can certainly use other meaningful. The preparation itself is really scary and easy.

Recipe for apple and caramel jam without meringue sugar from

In the apple and caramel jam - as the name suggests - lots of sugar. I also reduced the original amount and it worked wonderfully. And let's be honest - you do not eat more than 1-2 teaspoons of the jam on the bread, so it should be acceptable. Incidentally, I also imagine a combination of the jam with vanilla and/or cinnamon and/or almonds - so you get a wonderful baked apple jam.

But here is the first time the basic recipe, the There are only three ingredients! You do not need special equipment or exotic spices. It's just the delicious apple and caramel flavor that makes this jam so delicious.The jam is kept cool and dark (and thanks to the many sugars ..) well over the winter and spring until it is time for the next apple harvest. And the apple-caramel jam is a nice culinary gift idea! Have fun trying it out!

Recipe for apple Caramel jam without meringue sugar from

Apple and caramel jam

for approx. 1.5 l of jam


1.5 kg of sour apples
Juice of 1 small lemon
900 g of finest sugar


Peel, quarter and core the apples. It should be about 1 kg of apple quarters left.
The apple pieces on the coarse side of a Vierkantreibe * in a large bowl grate. Sprinkle with the lemon juice and mix well so that the apple shavings do not turn brown.

Add 700 g of the sugar to the apple shavings and mix well. Place a lid on the bowl and let the mixture soak for 1 hour at room temperature.

Then sprinkle the remaining sugar into a large saucepan and melt over medium heat while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Once the sugar is lightly browned in caramel, add 200 ml of hot water and boil the caramel from the bottom of the pot until it is completely dissolved. Pour the apple mixture into the pot and stir until the mixture has boiled once. Then remove from heat, put the lid on the pan and leave the apple mixture again for 1 hour at room temperature.

In the meantime, prepare enough preserving jars and either sterilize and cool for 15 minutes in the 150 ° C oven leave to boil or boil in plenty of water and drain well on kitchen paper. Also boil the tool (casserole * and ladle *).

Boil the cider mix over high heat while stirring and boil until bubbly. Now you have to stand for a while next to the pot and watch the process. What looks like applesauce first turns into a golden yellow jelly after about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes make a gel sample: remove 1 teaspoon and place on a cold plate. When the jelly is gone, the apple and caramel jam is ready. For me she was perfect after about 12 minutes. But rather take it off the stove a little earlier, as long as it is still liquid enough. If you cook it too long, it becomes sticky-solid and can not pass well - I made the mistake on the first try. The jam also becomes much firmer when it cools.

Immediately pour the hot apple-caramel jam into the prepared jars and seal directly. Turn twist-off glasses upside down. Allow the jam to cool completely, then check the glasses for tightness and keep cool and dark. Store opened glasses in the refrigerator.

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