Drinks and Bar Food at Little Link | Belgian Quarter | Cologne

Anyone looking for a good bar in Cologne with great cocktails and long drinks and a relaxed atmosphere has not been able to get past Little Link on Maastrichter Straße for a little over a year.


Stephan Hinz, cocktail art owner and Lars Holzem, who have been working together on cocktail art for several years, have created a new institution for good drinks here on the premises of the former M20.

 Little Link - Bar Food, Cocktails and Drinks in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Stephan Hinz

 Little Link - Bar Food, Cocktails and Drinks in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Lars Holzem


The Little Link is modern and simply furnished, the light is dodgy, the seating is comfortable and the centerpiece of the store is clearly the well-stocked bar.

A narrow staircase leads down to the basement - there is the Linked Table, a large cozy table with club chairs in front of raw brick walls. It hosts events such as workshops and tastings around gin, rum and cocktails. Right next to it is also the fully equipped bar lab with sous-vide Garer, rotary evaporator and all kinds of better-known kitchen appliances, which are otherwise known especially from the star gastronomy. Stephan and Lars are working on new ideas for food and drinks.

 Little Link - Bar Food, Cocktails and Drinks in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

The Linked Table is the new Chef's Table


The offered long drinks and cocktails are also anything but standard. I have known the two guys for a couple of years and have always been passionate about their creativity in developing drinks. There's already an own book on cocktail art: Cocktail Art - The Future of the Bar  *.
With the opening of the bar, they have now made their extraordinary creations accessible to a wider audience. And that's a good thing!

Where else can you get a currywurst cocktail with vodka, tomato, celery and curry or a Bavarian zombie with gin, Williams brandy and wheat beer? In addition to all sorts of extraordinary creations, you will also find the tried and tested classics and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. So there really is something for every taste.

Even if the Little Link has not been around for a long time, the bar is already known beyond the borders of Cologne.Further info can be found in the calendar of events: Little Link Calendar 2016

In order to complete the whole program, Stephan has also launched his own glass collection with the company Spiegelau: The Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz is of course also available in the Little Link used

 Little Link - Bar Food, Cocktails and Drinks in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Pulled pork sandwich with Carolina mustard sauce and pickled cucumbers


Especially the current one is special barfood card: Instead of fishing peanuts from angegrabbelten shells, you can here to nibble edamame, olives or crisp Nussm order hunger.
If hunger is bigger, you do not have to leave the bar: The Little Link offers a small, but fine selection of sandwich ideas that are guaranteed to fill you.

 Little Link - Bar Food, Cocktails and Drinks in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Pastrami Sandwich with white cabbage and Swiss cheese

As with drinks, high-quality ingredients are important here as well, whether vegetarians or meat eaters - here everyone will find the right basis for the subsequent cocktail enjoyment. Just like for their cocktail creations, Stephan and Lars have been working on the ingredients for a long time until the recipe is perfect and the result is absolutely impressive: Whether roast beef, pastrami, pulled pork, pulled chicken, ham or goat cheese - the bread is juicy and fresh, the topping lush and the spice fine tuned. Of course there is also the appropriate cocktail recommendation.

Together with my blogger girls I was invited by Stephan and Lars to eat and drink through the menu - and we were all thrilled! Here are just consistent food and drinks, you get a great advice and the atmosphere is just right for pleasant evenings with friends - especially if you got hold of the coveted L-shaped tables.It is a personal recommendation. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.