Granola Bread

Admittedly, when I first read about the Life Changing Bread a few years ago, I was more than skeptical. How should a bread change my life? And then another, which is vegan and gluten-free, does not require sourdough, yeast and baking powder? Can that taste? To anticipate the answer: yes it tastes and no, it has not changed my life. That's why I just call it granola bread , because that suits my taste better with this bread.

When I was looking for a quick idea for a simple bread, I am I stumbled across the version of My new roots again. Basically, that does not sound wrong, which is all in this bread: sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, oatmeal, linseed ... That reminded me strongly of all my cereal recipes here in the blog and in my book What's for breakfast? Cereal!*. That's why the bread is called since then only granola bread or muesli bread.

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The Granola bread does not contain any leaven, yeast or baking powder, and it keeps it solely by using chia seeds * and psyllium husks * together. Both swell in conjunction with water and acts as a binder. This is the whole trick with this bread: If you leave the dough long enough for it to swell well, then the bread is super baked and stays together easily.

The single ingredients in the granola bread can be easily exchanged. So you can replace the hazelnuts with almonds or walnuts, the sunflower seeds with pumpkin seeds, etc. Only with the psyllium husks you should not experiment, because they ensure that the bread does not fall apart when cutting.

I love that delicious muesli bread with butter and jam or honey for breakfast, but it also goes well with a strong cheese. I like it freshly baked as well as tasted. So it can be easily stored for a few days and enjoy crispy toasted. The freezing should not be a problem - until then, the bread has never done it with me so far. Incidentally, the granola bread is very compact due to the ingredients contained and thus extremely filling. After only 2 small slices you feel really full and happy. Try it out!Smooth, cover and allow to stand at room temperature for at least 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C top and bottom heat. Place the bread on the middle rack on the baking rack and bake for about 50-60 minutes. If the bread is too dark, cover with aluminum foil if necessary. Allow to cool completely, then release from the mold and slice.

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