How the One Pot Pasta finally found its way to me, and why they now have it more often with me

One Pot Pasta - This word has never been used in my language. At least until Friday. Because there I was allowed a pretty large portion of it from the book Clean Eating: Natural, pure & unencumbered  * cooked by dear Katharina von Katharina. prepare. Together with other bloggers, I was invited by Trias Verlag to the "Trias Blogger Kitchen" in a hip Berlin loft. Together we cooked and laughed and my pictures of the evening can be found under the hashtag #triasbloggerkitchen and in my account on Instagram.
And so I stood for the first time in front of a large pot, tipped cold water, olive oil and oregano on raw wholemeal pasta and gradually layered tomatoes, broccoli and spring onions over it. That should work?
And how it worked! How tasty it tastes. Why have I never tried One Pot Pasta before?

One Pot Pasta - fresh pasta, all from one pot with dried and fresh tomatoes, walnuts, marinated feta and basil

Was it the last year or the year before, when the Martha Stewart trend spilled over to us after discovering this dish in a small Italian village? Suddenly you saw in all blogs and magazines this ominous court. Noodles that garden directly in water or broth with other ingredients. This reminded me more of a student shared kitchen. Everything has to go away. After all, an increase to Dosenravioli. But is that really cooking? Can that taste? The food blog world split into two camps: one loved or hated One Pot Pasta. The advocates developed more and more exciting ideas, the opponents scolded the simple pot dish. This is not cooking, that can not taste, that 's just slush, the ingredients have quite different cooking times ... I stood somewhere between the chairs and could somehow win nothing of the trend so far.

One Pot Pasta - fresh pasta, all made With dried and fresh tomatoes, walnuts, marinated feta and basil

Until just this past Friday night. The result was a pot of steaming pasta with crunchy vegetables, a creamy-creamy sauce and just a scary taste. Wow! Why had not I dared to do this before? Actually, the preparation is very logical: everything is cooked in its own juice, you do not topple any flavors and the strength of the pasta makes for a great bond. Another special feature of Katharina's pasta is that it is not completely mixed, it is layered so that the top vegetables are gently steamed.

 One Pot Pasta - fresh pasta, all from one pot, with dried and fresh tomatoes, walnuts , marinated feta and basil

After that I forgot the one pot pasta again. At least for a day. Until I got home Saturday night. Because there I found the little booklet cookbook: One Pot Pasta ... basta! How the One Pot Pasta finally found its way to me, and why they now have it more often with me * from my dear blogger colleague Steffi von tastes good in my mailbox.What great ideas! What should I do first? Pasta Caprese with buffalo mozzarella and pesto? Pasta with goat's cheese and grape? Pasta Primavera? The shops had closed in the meantime and I had to think more practical - what else is in the house? Feta. Check. Fresh and dried tomatoes. Check. Walnuts. Check. Yeah, it became the One Pot Pasta with marinated Feta, Tomato & Walnut!

The recipe worked great, the description is incredibly easy and the result is incredibly spicy, creamy and flavorful. I am now absolutely one of the proponents of One Pot Pasta. Cook One Pot Pasta! Try it, experiment, let yourself be surprised. Steffi's book gives you a great guide to the hand and offers a few classics, above all, a few really fancy ideas that would not have come on their own so necessarily. The perfect book to start the one-pot-pasta world!

 One Pot Pasta - fresh pasta, all from one pot with dried and fresh tomatoes, walnuts, marinated feta and basil

One Pot Pasta with Tomatoes, Marinated Feta and Walnuts

for 2 large portions

For marinated feta and walnuts

150 good, genuine feta
75 ml of olive oil
2 tablespoons of dried Italian herbs
1 garlic clove, finely grated
50 g of walnut kernels

For the Pasta ​​span>

250 g Conchiglie
50 g of dried tomatoes (without oil)
150 g of cocktail tomatoes
1 red onion
1 tablespoon of dried Italian herbs
1/2 teaspoons salt
500 ml vegetable broth
fresh basil leaves for garnishing
fri sch milled black pepper


A few hours or the evening before preparing to marinate the feta cheese: The feta piece in a bowl or on a deep plate give and crush with a fork. Add olive oil, dried herbs and the grated garlic clove and mix well with the fork. Transfer to a suitable container, close tightly and marinate in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Crush the walnut kernels roughly before preparation and fry gently in a small nonstick pan. Set aside.

For the pasta, prepare a large pot of at least 3-4 liters. Add the dry pasta.

Cut the dried tomatoes into thin strips, wash the cocktail tomatoes thoroughly and cut in half, peel the onion and finely dice. Give the vegetables to the pasta. Add the herbs, salt and cold vegetable stock to the pan and stir well.

Turn on the heat and boil the mixture. Reduce the temperature and allow the pasta to simmer gently with the lid closed. The One Pot Pasta takes about 1-2 minutes longer than the normal cooking time of the pasta (as indicated on the packaging). Since it thickens sauce quickly, the mixture must be stirred regularly.

Once the pasta is cooked, remove from heat and stir in the feta thoroughly. Spread the pasta on two deep plates and serve hot with black pepper, roasted walnuts and freshly picked basil leaves.

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