Only one more week: The boys from the street kitchen in the shop A in Cologne

Instead of a recipe, I have to provide you today with a hot tip for Cologne!
This is a very personal recommendation from me for the current guest in the store A in Agnesviertel: Torsten and Antonio from the street kitchen (Facebook: street kitchen FB).

Currently in store Ein in Köln: Die Strassenküche


I met them both at the Street Food Festival in Cologne last year and was so excited about the crispy pork belly the two of them served there. And exactly this recipe and many more have them in the luggage in the shop. The first week is over, we were able to come over at a small blogger meeting today, try our hand and take the new book by Torsten and Antonio: Street Food Homemade  *. Some of the recipes that are currently on the menu can also be found in the book. More about the book soon.

Cookbook Street Food Homemade by Torsten and Antonio from the street kitchen

Actually, the two guys are chefs, event cooks, recipe developers and food stylists. Since last year they can also be found at the Street Food Festivals. And now they are just a guest in the store A between Higher Regional Court and Agneskirche. Another week is still to come - until Easter Saturday you still have the opportunity to taste the wonderful variety of flavors of Asia-fusion food of the street kitchen! Take the opportunity for a quick lunch or after work after a look at the current menu in the shop - I will definitely visit again!


Soup fans can between Curry Laksa , a curried coconut soup with glass and egg noodles, chicken, Laksa cabbage, sprouts, spring custard, cucumber, tofu puffs, homemade chili jam and half egg or a classic Vietnamese Pho Bo with boiled beef, broad glass noodles, meatballs, sprouts, spring-onions, onions, basil, mint, coriander and lime.

 Crispy pork belly (Crispy porkbelly) on Thai eggplant relish from the street kitchen in the store An

Grilled and fried

If you prefer grilled and crispy, have The choice is yours: Either you take my favorite - the Crispy Porkbelly Sichuan Style from the picture above, in which the pork belly cooked sous-vide for only 24 hours and then fried crispy with the home-made 15 Spices spice mixture becomes. The whole thing is served on a spicy Thai eggplant relish with spring cream, cilantro and rice.

Or you can opt for the Satay Chicken , which does not need a spit here. The flavorful chicken comes from the leg and is first marinated with a 11 Spices spice mixture, then grilled and served with a peanut sauce, sweet and sour vegetable mix and rice.

And then there's the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with homemade Nuoc Cham dressing served with sprouts, cucumbers, peanuts, carrots, radish, basil, laksa herb, mint and 8-spices seasoning mix.Bäm!

Thai glass noodle salad with fried tofu from the Street food in the store An itemprop =

And else

There are various pickles and chili oil variations available for seasoning, and for dessert, there is a classic Thai Sticky Rice with Salty Coconut and Fresh Thai Mango as shown in the picture below or with a Iced Thai Coffee with sweet condensed milk . From 12 to 15 o'clock there are also lunchtime menus.

sticky rice with fresh Thai mango and salty coconut from the street kitchen in the store An itemprop =

Stay Just to say: May the spice be with you!

Be sure to visit the guys next week for some culinary delights - it's worth it. Also pay attention to the shop A Facebook page on the specials!

Blumenthalstraße 66
50668 Cologne

Opening hours: Mon. 21.03.16 to Sat. 26.03.16, 12-22 pm (Good Friday open!)
No reservations possible

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