Porridge with caramelized banana, maple syrup and walnuts

Did you have a happy new year? Feels like the Christmas time and the following New Year's Eve builds up forever, then it takes place. And hey, everything is over and everyday life is back. After that, I usually do not feel like winter anymore and would not mind if spring came right after Christmas. Unfortunately it never works in our latitude straight. So as long as winter is, there are just wintry dishes. And even for breakfast it may already be comfortable, for example, with a freshly cooked porridge. That's why I brought you a recipe for porridge with caramelised banana, maple syrup and walnuts today!

Breakfast for porridge with caramelised banana, maple syrup and walnuts | moeyskitchen.com

Winter or not winter ...

And I have to say that it's not that cold here in Cologne. It gets more like November or April. Especially if I just see a memory from last year. One year ago we had terrible lightning in Cologne. I came home from work and slid across the parking lot from the car to the street. On my walk to my apartment, I came to an insurmountable obstacle: a traffic light with Kopftsteinpflaster upstream. One pedestrian after another failed, but I had to cross the street at this point. So I went to the nearest supermarket and asked for road salt or chippings. They were obviously not prepared for the situation, but could still find a bag in the basement. And then I ran with it, as if I wanted to feed the ducks. The sack in my arms and always a handful in front of me, I ran to the traffic light, sprinkled the footpath across the street and made a safe way home. Around me, I saw many grateful faces running after me. I think I saved a lot of people from falling.

But today it's comparatively mild and dry. Except for a brief approach of winter weather with some snow in early December, winter can not be seen here. I think it could stay that way. Cold and dry is completely ok! And yet, there's nothing like a delicious cooked breakfast in the form of porridge.

Breakfast for porridge with caramelised banana, maple syrup and walnuts | moeyskitchen .com

Porridge for Breakfast

Whoever has the time and leisure (and I know such people) cooks a warm porridge every morning. This also works well between brushing and hair combs. I, however, am an absolute morning grump. I cook my coffee with the cookie jug, maybe I'll get some bread to go, but I just want to get out of the house and into the office in the morning. Since I have neither hunger nor desire for breakfast. On the weekend, however, it may be a little more elaborate.

Depending on what type you heard this porridge may be the right one for you! It needs only a few ingredients, is quickly stirred together and combines great flavors. In addition, it comes with very little sugar in the form of maple syrup, but gives you immediately a pleasant satiety and full power for a neat start to the day. A cup of coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice - let's go! Have fun cooking!

Breakfast for porridge with caramelised banana, maple syrup and walnuts | moeyskitchen.com

More cereal recipes?

By the way, in addition to many other recipes for porridge, overnight oats, granola and cereal, I found the recipe in my first book What's for breakfast?Switch back the temperature, add oatmeal and salt and stir well. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer and simmer gently for about 5 minutes. Keep stirring. Put on a lid, remove the pot from the heat and let it swell for 10 minutes.


Meanwhile, heat a small pan to medium high. Melt the butter and add the maple syrup. Slice the peeled banana into 1 cm slices, place in the pan and caramelize all around for about 2 minutes until it softens. Coarsely chop the walnut kernels, add to that and caramelise.


The Porridge in a bowl and pour the caramelized banana over it. Serve immediately.


Getting more classic if you prepare the porridge with a 1: 1 mix of water and milk.

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